Shocking Study Revealed That Human Mind Remains Conscious After Death


You most certainly, at one point in your life, wondered what happens when you die. A new shocking study, conducted by a team of researchers in New York, came close to solving the mystery. It seems that as the body dies, the human mind remains fully conscious. Basically, persons are aware that they are dead.

The researchers studied patients from Europe and the US that were resuscitated after having suffered cardiac arrests. According to Dr. Sam Parnia, director of critical care and resuscitation research at NYU, the time of death is based on the moment the heart stops beating. “Once that happens, blood no longer circulates to the brain, which means brain function halts almost instantaneously.”

However, some patients that went through resuscitations claim that they could hear and see everything that was happening around them, even after they were declared deceased. Their experiences involve watching doctors and nurses try to bring them back to life. Even more, after having been brought back to life, these patients were able to describe conversations that went on on the scene, which were verified by the medical staff present.

The human mind remains conscious after death, the new shocking study revealed

Dr. Parnia put together a team to solve the mystery of what happens after death. They are trying to understand what people experience when they die. The team is studying the human mind and consciousness in the context of death, to gain a better understanding of what happens to consciousness after death. Does it become instantly annihilated, or does it continue for some time after death? Also, Dr. Parnia is curious to know what happens inside the brain during these processes.

Dr. Parnia discovered that people who have gone through near-death experiences go through some changes. He said: “What tends to happen is that people who’ve had these very profound experiences may come back positively transformed—they become more altruistic, more engaged with helping others. They find a new meaning to life, having had an encounter with death.”

These discoveries raise some other questions. If the physical body stops working, how could someone still be conscious? Does this mean that our thoughts don’t actually come from our brains but a spiritual consciousness?


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