Settling On The Moon: China Plans To Build A Base On The Lunar South Pole


China’s top space official said that the country would launch its very first crewed lunar mission and build a lunar base in about a decade.

This target reportedly pits Beijing against the Trump administration’s goal which is to return Americans on the moon in five years.

Zhang Kejian, the head of China’s National Space Administration, stated this week that the country plans to set up a research station on the moon’s south pole in “about 10 years,” said the state-run news agency Xinhua.

This was the most specific time frame that the Chinese authorities have given people about the next stages of the lunar program that they have been working on.

China will launch its very first crewed mission to the moon by then, according to the same report.

The schedule for China’s lunar program underscores Beijing’s ambition to become a space power that is rivaling the US and Russia.

The Lunar South pole is ideal for a base

The Lunar South pole is perfect for establishing a base since it has ice in the shadowed craters and hills that are sunnier compared to any other location on the moon.

It was reported that the US is considering the exact location which could also help in a Mars mission.

NASA’s place is advanced after China’s decision

After seeing China’s ambition to set a base on the Moon, Vice President Mike Pence vowed back in March to return American astronauts to the moon before 2024 “by any means necessary.” This way, NASA’s original plan for a moon landing in 2028 has been advanced a lot.

China’s next step is to bring lunar dirt to earth.

“Zhang, the head of China’s space authorities, said that by the end of this year, China would launch Chang’e-5, the world’s first lunar sample-return mission since 1976,” Inkstonenews reported.


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