Searching For Nibiru: Scientists Plan To Look For “Planet X” In The Cosmic Microwave Background


Nibiru is, reportedly, the home planet of the Anunnaki, the gods of the ancient Sumerian civilization. According to the conspiracy theory, Nibiru lurks at the edge of the Solar System, and once every few thousands of years it comes close to the Earth. Nibiru would impact our world, causing the apocalypse, others claimed. However, the scientists are already searching for a planet beyond Pluto, at the far end of the Solar System – Planet X. Planet X and Nibiru are the same things, conspiracy theory enthusiasts suggest.

Now, back to science, scientists are indeed working on solutions to find this elusive Planet X. Now, they plan to look for it in the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) radiation. Why? Because Planet X, or Nibiru, should be a cold world so its thermal emissions would be in the submillimeter range, as said the scientists behind a new study published in the online journal arXiv.

Accordingly, the best way to search for Nibiru would be to survey the millimeter wavelengths of Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) or the Big Bang’s cosmic glow, as some call it.

Scientists Plan To Look For “Planet X,” or Nibiru, In The Cosmic Microwave Background

While the conspiracy theory buffs are sure that Nibiru is real, lurking at the edge of the Solar System, the scientists presume that a massive planet, Planet X, exists far beyond Kuiper Belt because of the alignment of the space rocks and dead comets beyond Neptune. The astronomers expect that Nibiru is orbiting around the Sun on a plane inclined by 30 degrees from the Solar System’s plane of the ecliptic.

Now, you might think why don’t NASA sends a probe to survey the potential locations of this elusive Planet X. Well, according to Eric Baxter from the University of Pennsylvania, and the leading author of the study issued in arXiv, NASA’s Voyager 1 have reached 130 AU (astronomical units), but Nibiru, or Planet X, would reside at between 400 and 1000 AU, so it would be impossible for humans, with the current technology, to survey such a distant region of space.

Therefore, the only way to estimate if Planet X, or Nibiru, is real would be to find its thermal emissions at millimeter wavelengths by surveying the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) radiations.


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