Scientists Are Hunting The “Dark Force” To Uncover The Hidden Parts Of The Universe


Scientists are now struggling to find the “fifth force” of nature, the so-called “dark force,” that could reveal to us the hidden parts of the Universe. With this study, the researchers aim to understand the underlying forces that link the regular matter to the invisible one and dark matter. Even though scientists know there are small chances to succeed in finding it, they predict that such a discovery would change our perception of physics.

According to astronomers, all the stars, planets, and other space objects we know about form only 4% of the Universe, while the rest of 96% is composed of dark matter and its underlying and more puzzling component, the “dark energy.”

“At the moment, we don’t know what more than 90% of the Universe is made of. If we find this ‘dark force’ it will completely change the paradigm we have now. It would open up a new world and help us to understand the particles and forces that compose the so-called ‘dark sector,'” said Mauro Raggi from the Sapienza University of Rome.

The “dark force” would be the fifth force of nature, if found

Although the Universe is a very sophisticated place, there are only four forces that govern it. Namely, these forces are the gravitational force, electromagnetic force, weak nuclear energy, and the strong atomic force. But, there might be many more forces that are yet unknown to us and could be involved in the mysterious dark matter.

This month, Mauro Raggi and his team will use an instrument, a “fifth force” hunter, at the National Institute of Nuclear Physics near Rome. The scientists hope to detect the “dark force” by reconstructing the missing mass of between the initial state, dictated by the electron-positron pair, and the final state where only the ordinary photon is detectable.

By finding this “dark force,” the scientists believe, we could understand better the hidden parts of the Universe, which are far beyond our perception at this time.


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  1. This is so funny.

    Knowing 4% or less of what the universe is made of and how it works, yet scientists will teach “this is how we think it got here and it is a fact.”

    Searching for something that cannot be seen or detected, yet scientists will teach, “But whatever it is, it has to be here.”

    By all means, keep God out of it because that means accountability and there’s no way that’s gonna happen. Even if that means “science” keeps teaching guesses as fact.

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