Saturn Makes Its Closest Pass By Earth Today – You Can See Its Rings And Moon, Titan



You should get your telescope ready for tonight as Saturn will shine brighter than ever during the year and you will even be able to see its gorgeous rings.

Saturn is at the opposition today 

The planet is best seen through the telescope, but people will not even need one this week as the planet will be at opposition.

This means that the planet will be at the point in its orbit when it’s the closest to the Earth.

According to data coming from Accuweather, the skies are expected to be cloud-free this night across “much of the interior West, southern Plains, and Northeast, leading to uninterrupted viewing.”

The website notes that “Meanwhile, rain and clouds will result in poor viewing conditions for residents along the West Coast, in the Midwest and across the Southeast.”

Just in case you’ll be missing Saturn today due to clouds, you will be able to check it out during the rest of the month because the planet will appear almost as bright as tonight and it will be seen about in the same part of the sky.

Finding Saturn in the night sky

Saturn will be positioned above the horizon during the night, and it will rise in the southeast around sunset, and it will also slowly glide across the sky before setting in the southwest around dawn.

As we already said, you will not be needing any special equipment to see the planet, but of course, the best thing you could be is to have a telescope that you can use to see its rings.

These are made from pieces of ice, debris, and dust and they are orbiting the planet.

With the help of a telescope, you will also be able to see Titan, the planet’s largest moon and the only moon in the solar system that has a dense atmosphere.


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