Research Could Possibly Debunk Stephen Hawking’s Theory On Dark Matter


Stephen Hawking has developed a theory regarding the dark matter. As he famously explained, he believed primordial black holes make up dark matter. He theorized that the Big Bang led to the creation of multiple tiny black holes that, despite being almost impossible to see, have a strong gravitational pull.

What Is Dark Matter?

As it turns out, after the Subaru telescope managed to capture the entire Andromeda galaxy in one image, it seems that Hawking was wrong. The discoveries show that dark matter could only be composed of multiple primordial black holes if they were minimal.

Scientists haven’t managed to fully understand dark matter yet. The brief information we have on this enigmatic wonder suggests that dark matter represents a large portion of the universe. It does not emit any light or energy, and it can’t be observed directly.

Debunking Stephen Hawking’s Theory on Dark Matter

Researchers concluded that the existence of primordial black holes could be proven by their ability to bend light. When one of these black holes pass a star, it will create a short flash. This phenomenon is called microlensing. By photographing the Andromeda galaxy repeatedly for seven consecutive hours, telescoped could only detect one microlensing event. If Stephen Hawking’s theory was correct, there should have been around a thousand more of these events discovered.

However, Hawking’s theory should not be dismissed entirely. As physicists confirmed, there is a possibility that some of the primordial black holes are so small, they could emit extremely short flashes that would go unnoticed.

New Possibilities

The singular flash that was observed during the study could be a revolutionary piece of information, as it could be the first evidence of primordial black holes existence ever recorded.

Undoubtedly, this study is not enough to prove anything concrete. More research needs to be done before confirming the existence of primordial black holes.


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