Quantum Information Teleported Into Diamonds For First Time In Physics


Well, hold onto your seats because teleportation is real and people are doing it now. Researchers say they have teleported quantum information between cities and even in space. Furthermore, a team from Yokohama National University in Japan, have managed to teleport data into a diamond as well, something that looks taken from the pages of science fiction or even from ancient mythologies.

The team from Japan were able to do this by manipulation the atomic structure of the diamond. By placing in an oscillating magnetic field, they could different waves to link an information-packed photon into the diamond’s atomic structure.

What is quantum information?

“In physics and computer science, quantum information is the information of the state of a quantum system. It is the basic entity of study in quantum information theory, and can be manipulated using quantum information processing techniques.” Quantum information is beginning to become quite attractive in the sphere of science and technology. Basically an upgrade to classical information or even digital information, such as a book or a computer.

This new type of data will still be able to be read on a digital computer but it does not take the shape of a byte. Instead, it’s stored on tiny structures called qubits. These qubits are described as being in both their possible states at the same time. This tells of fluidity, down to their atomic structure perhaps. Being able to be transmitted and stored more easily.

The major implications of this technology are the instant transmission of data ( teleportation ) and opening up a whole new chapter in computers. Both of which will solve greater problems.

Scientists teleported quantum information into diamonds

There are many perceptions of how this may be done. The standard one being, taking something and moving it to another place instantly. The way science can achieve “teleportation” today is to take information and just recreate it somewhere else. Much like a 3D printer.

This is made possible due to a phenomenon called quantum entanglement. Something that allows for particles to be connected, no matter the distance between them.


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