Potential Alien Contact? Canada’s New Radio Telescope CHIME Picks Up Bizarre Signal Coming From Deep Space


If you’re a fan of Jodie Foster’s movie Contact, you’ll get all excited about this announcement. Canada’s new radio telescope has picked up a very odd sound that’s coming from deep space.

The Canadian Hydrogen Intensity Mapping Experiment (CHIME) is located in British Columbia, and it spends all its time listening for signals beaming through space.

Most of the time such kind of radio telescopes don’t hear anything that’s abnormal, but now an unexplained signal made its way through the noise.

A signal with unknown origins hits Earth

A new bulletin from The Astronomer’s Telegram reported that the brand new radio telescope detected a Fast Radio Burst (FRB). These are not uncommon, but there are very special because their origins are totally unknown.

FRBs detected by astronomers on Earth come from highly long distances and they’re located so far off in space that we’re not even able to see what’s creating them.

The FRB detected now is called FRB 180725A and this one is unique because it had a frequency as low as 580 Mhz. No FRB has ever been detected below 700 Mhz before.

While they are radio signals, FRBs don’t hold any data that astronomers or researchers have been able to decipher.

Some have theorized that ultra-advanced alien civilizations create them, but that is quite a sci-fi speculation at the moment.

This is exactly what Contact the movie was all about. But it our case, it’s far more likely that FRBs originate from volatile black hole activity, or maybe even two black holes merging into one.

Over the past few years, there has been an FRB called 121102 that was heard multiple times and astronomers know it’s the same one because it originates from the exact point in space every time.

Its origin is believed to be a galaxy that’s located 3 billion light-years from planet Earth and the power it would take for an audio signal to make it that far is beyond imagination.

Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait a long time before we know for sure if these sounds come from black holes colliding, exploding stars or aliens lurking in space.


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