Planet X: Could Scientists’ Goblin Discovery Support Nibiru-Based Apocalypse Theories?


Doomsday enthusiasts usually have to work against science to predict an apocalypse, but this time, expert scientists might have opened Pandora’s box for them.

The International Astronomical Union’s Minor Planet Center which is a group of scientists led by the Carnegie Institution for Science, revealed last week the discovery of an object – The Goblin – at the edge of the solar system.

The creepy part is the fact that this hints at the existence of an even-farther-away object that could be the elusive “Planet X.”

Planet X, also known as Planet Nine, is an undiscovered Super Earth that could have a mass up to ten times the one of our planet. NASA says that this is only theoretical for now.

The theory is that Planet X could be beyond the newly discovered object and it would have enough gravitational force to cause the Goblin to have an irregular orbit around the sun.

This would also explain orbit anomalies for our solar system’s large outer planets, Uranus and Neptune.

NASA ignores doomsayers

The talk about Nibiru led to NASA senior scientist David Morrison debunking its existence.

“There’s no credible evidence whatever for the existence of Nibiru,” he says in one of the videos. “It doesn’t take an astronomer to see there’s no Nibiru. … Please, get over it. Nibiru isn’t real.”

Nibiru’s threat goes back to the 90s. There was a famous early prediction that linked Nibiru to the apocalypse which surfaced back in 1995, and it was all linked to a woman from Wisconsin.

Nancy Lieder claimed she encountered aliens when she was a child. She was convinced they told her Nibiru would pass close to Earth in 2003 and stop our planet’s rotation for days, which would force the North and South Poles to move and the Earth’s crust to split open.

Nibiru-based apocalypse theories have been floating all over the place since then.


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