Planet Nine Groundbreaking Study Gets Astronomers Closer To Finding Its Orbit


The existence of Planet Nine has remained one of the most controversial topics in the scientific community. Many argue that the elusive planet could be located near the distant borders of the solar system, beyond the Kuiper belt. It is believed that the planet could be up to ten times bigger than Earth.

The possible existence of Planet Nine could explain several cases in which Kuiper Belt objects seem to be grouped by the gravitational influence exerted by massive objects. The first theories about Planet Nine surfaced in 2016.

The planet continues to remain hidden, but Michael Brown, a professor from the California University of Technology and the person who theorized the existence of the planet, argues that astronomers may discover the planet in the future.

The professor has also stated that the possible orbit of the planet can be anticipated before it will be spotted. While an exact pattern cannot be constructed at this point, researchers are striving to learn more about how the gravity of the planet can influence nearby objects in the long run.

Planet Nine Groundbreaking Study Gets Astronomers Closer To Finding Its Orbit

A large amount of information about the possible orbit of the planet has been collected from complex computer simulations, which can render what would happen in a variety of conditions.

Among them, we can count the fact that if it was too big, it could have destroyed the outer solar system easily. It also has a specific tilt, which can be inferred by looking at the objects which are influenced by its force.

It is estimated that the planet can come closer to the sun, but the minimal distance between the two objects will remain up to seven times longer than the distance between the Sun and Neptune.

Current estimations suggest that the planet may be smaller than Neptune. Since Neptune is not able to affect the Earth in any many, it is likely Planet Nine is also unable to exert any influence over our planet.


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