Our Stellar Neighborhood Has A New Icy Resident – A Massive Planet Orbiting Barnard’s Star


Astronomers finally found some evidence that there’s a massive planet that’s orbiting Barnard’s star. The Gaia telescope is the one that spotted a ghost galaxy on the other side of the Milky Way.

We have a new exoplanet neighbor

It seems that we have a new neighbor, or at least we have just managed to spot it. Barnard’s start is a small red dwarf star – about one fifth the size of our Sun, and it’s located only six light years away from us. A team of astronomers discovered that this is actually the parent star of a newly discovered “super-Earth” Barnard’s Star B.

“The planet designated Barnard’s Star b, now steps in as the second-closest known exoplanet to Earth. The gathered data indicate that the planet could be a super-Earth, having a mass at least 3.2 times that of the Earth, which orbits its host star in roughly 233 days. Barnard’s Star, the planet’s host star, is a red dwarf, a cool, low-mass star, which only dimly illuminates this newly-discovered world,” the European Southern Observatory’s press release writes.

The press release continued and says that “the exoplanet lies close to the snow line, the region where volatile compounds such as water can condense into solid ice. This freezing, shadowy world could have a temperature of -170°C, making it inhospitable for life as we know it.”

A new alien world 

It seems that this alien world if it does indeed exist, is more than just the second closest exoplanet to our Earth; it’s also the closest exoplanet to Earth that orbits in a system with just one star.

The experts and researchers who are involved in this discovery and pretty certain of their finding. We’re talking about more than 60 scientists from institutions and observatories across the globe.

After intense analysis, they are 99% convinced that the planet is there.


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