New “Super Earth” Planet Could Be Orbiting The Nearest Star To Our Sun


According to the latest reports coming from scientists, there might be a new planet orbiting the star closest to our sun.

It seems that there are two planets that could be orbiting the small red dwarf that’s called Proxima Centauri which is about 4.24 light-years away.

“We are pleased to show you, for the first time, what is for us a new candidate planet around Proxima that we call Proxima c,” Mario Damasso of Italy’s Observatory of Turin said last Friday during the 2019 Breakthrough Discuss conference.

Damasso said that this is only a candidate and the fact is essential to mention.

He continued and said that if there is indeed a planet orbiting the star, it would be at least six times larger than our own planet and this is what gives it the title Super Earth.

The orbit would reportedly take about 1,900 days in order to complete a loop around the star, and this would mean that the planet’s average surface temperature would be too cold for liquid water to be able to flow around.

The first planet to orbit Proxima Centauri 

About three years ago, scientists have been able to unveil the very first known planet orbiting Proxima Centauri.

The Daily Mail reports that the scientists have described the planet named Proxima Centauri b as appearing to be 1.3 times the size of our planet and possibly warm enough for life to exist on it.

“Scientists only appeared to notice this new, second planet after taking another look at the data collected from the first discovery,” according to the online publication.

“This detection is very challenging,” Fabio Del Sordo of the University of Crete said to National Geographic.

He continued and said “We asked ourselves many times if this is a real planet. But what is sure is that even if this planet is a castle in the air, we should keep working to put even stronger foundations under it.”

Experts are planning to continue and collect data on the star.


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