Neanderthals Ancient Humans Were The First To Eat Fast Food


We all know that ancient humans had a diet based on fishing and hunting. As we can imagine, getting something to eat was quite a challenge for them. However, the meal adventure went further than placing traps or improvising fishing tools. Recently, archaeologists were shocked to discover that Neanderthals and other ancient humans were the precursors of today’s fast food.

But don’t think that they discovered the burger or fries! According to these findings, ancient people who lived in the southern part of Europe ate rabbits and birds next to their medium or large mammals, their favorite dish.

A report published in Science Advances earlier this week mentions that archaeologists are still amazed. They didn’t expect to find this information and are wondering why humans who depend on hunting would waste their time for such small prays.

Neanderthals and other ancient humans adapted their diet in order to survive

Most of the sites indicating that our ancestors ate all types of animals and even small birds were found in Spain, France, and Italy. The initial evaluation showed that these sites are between 400,000 and 40,000 years old.

Researchers are still trying to find out why did people who were used to hunt large animal headed their attention towards small creatures like rabbits and birds. This pray doesn’t have a lot of meat, and it’s hard to capture.

However, further information tells us that, since were travelers, they had to adapt their diet and be prepared for almost every challenge. Besides, they had to survive during famine periods, when large animals couldn’t find food and starved to death. Archaeologists will continue their studies in this domain because they want to find out more about ancient humans’ habits and lifestyle. They will share further information as soon as they reach some conclusions.


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