NASA Reveals How Humans Could Live In 3D-Printed Martian Habitats


Have you ever wondered how life on Mars would be? Well, now NASA just revealed the top three designs for future Mars habitats which could be remotely 3D-printed one day and then assembled by robots on Mars.

These Mars habitats have been selected in the third stage of NASA’s 3d-printed Habitat Challenge competition.

The teams that participated have been tasked with designing and proving the ability to build a habitat on Mars using modeling advances software remotely. reported that “The winning entries were all awarded a share in an incredible £76,233 ($100,000) prize pot. A total of 11 teams participated in the NASA contest, but only three designs were victorious in Phase 3 of the challenge.”

The winning designs were Team SEArch+/Apis Cor, Team Zopherus, and Team Mars Incubator.

The analysis has been made based on the habitats’ design, layout efficiency and the ability to remotely recreate on Mars.

Preparing a permanent base of residence on Mars 

NASA has the massive goal of developing a permanent base of residence on Mars before human crews can take the very first rockets on the Red Planet.

It’s also worth noting that each one of the teams has prepared a short video of their habitat and a 3Dmodel which could be taken apart in order to explore the habitats’ interiors.

NASA stated the following: “Points were also awarded for aesthetic representation and realism.”

“The 3D-Printed Habitat Challenge will culminate with a head-to-head subscale structure print May 1 to May 4, 2019, and the awarding of an $800,000 prize purse,” the space agency continued.

This challenge is a part of NASA’s Centennial Challenges competitors which has the main focus on building habitats for human exploration of deep space.

The very first step that astronomers will be taking towards the goal involves landing and settling on the Moon and the Red Planet as well.


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