NASA Presented A Sustainable Plan To Return to the Moon and Send Humans to Mars


Since President Donald Trump signed Space Policy Directive-1 in which he demanded NASA “to lead an innovative and sustainable program of exploration with commercial and international partners to enable human expansion across the solar system,” the US space agency struggled to come up with reliable projects. Now, NASA presented a sustainable plan to return to the Moon and send humans to Mars.

The new report, presented by NASA before the US Congress, is based on five strategic goals:

  • Re-launch US flights to send astronauts to the Earth’s low-orbit;
  • Commence the lunar surface operations to facilitate missions beyond the Moon;
  • Operate robotic missions on the Moon to discover and characterize lunar resources;
  • Return humans to the Moon;
  • Estimate the requirements for the manned mission to Mars;

The first goal NASA has is to re-launch its rocket program and send astronauts to the ISS which would remain the most significant space operations center.

NASA presented a sustainable plan to return to the Moon and send humans to Mars

NASA keeps thinking that the Moon is a significant part of the world’s past and future, including space exploration. The US agency plans to estimate the number of lunar resources and mine them to build its future lunar station by 2023. Furthermore, NASA hopes to send another manned mission to the Moon by 2030.

The next step for the humanity would be the first crewed mission to Mars. While such an achievement is challenging, NASA is aware of that, and already works on coming up with the right technology for such a mission. Until then, however, the next Mars 2020 Rover, which would launch in 2020, has the purpose of enhancing our knowledge regarding Mars and the possible future mission there.

According to NASA, once the lunar station is up and live, the US space agency would start working on the first crewed mission to Mars. They hope to send the first humans to the Red Planet somewhen after 2030.



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