NASA Plans To Use Lunar Dust to Build Bases on the Moon


Everything is clear now for NASA. The US space agency will send humans back to the Moon, but they intend on doing it sustainably. In this regard, NASA plans to use lunar dust to build bases on the Moon.

As declared by NASA’s administrator, Jim Bridenstine, the US space agency is planning for a more significant mission to the Moon and is not just interested in leaving a flag and some footprints on the lunar surface.

“This time when we go, we’re going to go to stay,” said Jim Bridenstine at a meeting with the NASA’s advisers in August.

However, there is no way to send all the needed construction materials to the Moon, so NASA’s scientists now work on solutions to use lunar dust and other lunar resources to build bases on the Moon. And, luckily, our natural satellite has a lot to offer, scientists think.

NASA to use lunar dust and water to build bases on the Moon

First, scientists are reasonably sure that there is water on the Moon. And indeed, in 2008, India’s Chandrayaan-1 spacecraft discovered that there is solid ice on the lunar surface. One year later, in 2009, NASA also confirmed the presence of water on the Moon after slamming its LCROSS space probe into a crater on the Moon’s southern pole.

Water is of great importance for us here on Earth, and since it’s also present on the Moon, the astronauts of a future Moon colony could use it to water plants, bath, or even drink. Also, by splitting water in its basic chemical compounds, namely, oxygen and hydrogen, scientists can create rocket fuel.

Besides water, there is another more extensive resource on the Moon, namely, the dust. And with so much lunar dust and water on the Moon, scientist plan to build the first lunar bases.

So, instead of sending all the resources needed to build bases on the Moon, NASA can only send excavation and mining robots, along with 3D printers, all of which could be employed to construct the basic structures and elements the future Moon colonists need to live.


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