NASA Plans To Send Humans To Venus, But It’s A Hellish Destination


Venus has been depicted in sci-fi books and movies as a location with warm and pleasant temperatures, swamps, forests, and even dinosaurs!

But unfortunately, things don’t stand this way. As it was revealed by various missions during the last few decades, Venus is far from being a dreamland.

The planet is a hell with infernal temperatures, a toxic atmosphere and crushing pressure.

Despite all of this, NASA seems to be planning to send humans there. They are currently working on a conceptual mission named High Altitude Venus Operational Concept – (HAVOC).

Temperatures on the planet’s surface are about 460°C, and they are in fact hotter than Mercury, even though Venus is roughly double the distance from the sun.

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The planet is also geologically young, and it suffered catastrophic resurfacing events.

The extreme events have been caused by the heat that has been building up below the surface and eventually it caused it to melt, release heat and then re-solidify.

NASA’s idea does not involve landing

NASA’s new mission will not be to land people there, but to use the dense atmosphere as a base of exploration.

There has not been set any date for the HAVOC mission.

As you can imagine, this will be along term plan, and it will basically rely on smaller missions that have to be successful at first. It seems that such a mission could succeed now with our current tech.

Phys Org reported that “The surface of Venus has been mapped from orbit by radar on the US Magellan mission. However, only a few locations on the surface have ever been visited, by the series of Venera missions of Soviet probes in the late 1970s. These probes returned the first and only images of the Venusian surface. Certainly surface conditions seem utterly inhospitable to any kind of life.”


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