NASA Hopes To Find Life On Mars With Its Future Rover Mars2020


One of NASA’s main missions these days is to return to the Moon, and this is what other space agencies of the world are dreaming about as well. But on the other hand, the Red Planet seems to also be a really excited and perhaps a more attractive target for explorations.

With the future rover that’s called Mars2020, NASA is hoping that they will be able to find life lurking on the Red Planet and also solve the mysteries there.

But on the other hand, searching for life on Mars is not the easiest task since the Mars2020 rover will have to look for evidence in rocks that are about 4 billion years old.

Experts also believe that in its early history, Mars was really different than what we are able to see today. They believe that it used to host water and alien life.

NASA hopes to find life on Mars

Mars2020 would land on the Red Planet just near the Jezero Crater which was allegedly housing a considerable lake just about 4 billion years ago.

Experts believe that this would be the right place to start looking for alien life on the planet since scientists believe that the fossils of alien life forms would be trapped in the rocks of the former lake if they existed in the first place.

“Carbonates are a type of mineral that precipitates out of the water and what’s really great about that process is that when they precipitate out – they trap everything that’s in the water. So, everything that’s living there can be trapped inside the mineral,” explained expert Briony Horgan.

The rover could be able to drill in the rocks on the bottom of the crater that we mentioned above, and it would gather samples that would then be taken to Earth in order to be analyzed by NASA together with the European Space Agency.


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