NASA Astronaut Candidate Is The First in 50 Years To Quit NASA’s Training Program


Robb Kulin was until recently a NASA astronaut candidate. However, he gave up, and this fact made him become the first in 50 years to quit NASA’s training program, reported Associated Press agency yesterday.

According to the news release, Robb Kulin, originally from Anchorage, Alaska, decided to terminated his training at Houston’s Johnson Space Center yesterday. It will become official on Friday, this week. NASA informed that the astronaut candidate chose to quit due to some personal reasons which cannot be revealed by the US space agency.

With a master’s degree in materials science and a Ph.D. in engineering, plus a vast experience he gained working as a senior manager for flight reliability at SpaceX, nothing could’ve stopped Kulin from becoming one great NASA astronaut.

But Robb Kulin wrote history with his decision to leave the NASA’s training program because this man became the first in 50 years to take such a decision.

NASA’s training program is quite intensive

The NASA’s training program for its astronaut candidates is very demanding, and each candidate in part has to become certified in almost everything, including SCUBA diving and Russian language, as noted. On the other hand, every NASA astronaut candidate needs to learn robotics and successfully pass the ISS system and aircraft flying training programs.

However, according to space historian and CollectSpace editor Robert Pearlman, Robb Kulin is the first in 50 years to ditch the NASA training program for astronauts. The last time when a NASA astronaut candidate quit was in 1968 when John Llewellyn thought he was not making any progress in comparison with his colleagues. But, that may not be the case with Robb Kulin who has top qualifications and would have become a great astronaut.

On the other hand, NASA astronaut candidates who pass the program might have to wait for years to grab a spot in a NASA space mission. The majority of them never end up flying at all.


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