Mysterious Traces Discovered 2.4 Miles Under The Ocean


Ninety-five percent of the 70 percent of the Earth’s surface that’s hidden beneath waters remains unexplored, so unknown to scientists. And to make it even more bizarre, recently, some mysterious traces were discovered 2.4 miles under the ocean. Found by the researchers at the National Oceanographic Center in Southampton, using a deep-diving robot, the tracks are very puzzling.

Discovered 2.4 miles below the surface of the Pacific Ocean, somewhere between Mexico and Hawaii, the baffling traces are not caused by mining or scientific operations, the scientists agreed. Additionally, those footprints are too large to be the creation of a marine creature, but that’s the only logical explanation, so far.

“Analysis revealed that the depressions were not randomly distributed,” said Dr. Leigh Marsh, the study’s leading author. The researchers also added that, most possible, the culprits for the mysterious tracks are “deep-diving whales.”

Deep-diving whales might be the culprits for the mysterious traces beneath the Pacific Ocean

According to the scientists, whales can’t dive so deep in the oceans, but similar tracks uncovered across the world’s oceans indicate that these giant marine creatures are indeed plunging to 2.5 miles in the deeps and even more.

But, the researchers don’t know for sure if “deep-diving whales are indeed guilty of leaving those mysterious traces behind. However, they hope that “electronic depth-tags, attached to the animals, will provide direct evidence that whales can dive to these abyssal depths.”

While scientists hypothesized that deep-diving whale might be the culprits for the mysterious traces deep in the ocean, other people think that UFO technology was involved in those puzzling track beneath the Pacific Ocean, found recently by scientists at 2.4 miles in the deep, between Mexico and Hawaii.

Either made by deep-diving whales or alien technology, the mysterious traces under the ocean remain puzzling, at least until a plausible explanation comes out.


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