More Mysterious Radio Signals Heard In Deep Space – Potential Explanation



All humans love staring at images of distant galaxies that are captured by high-powered telescopes, but what lies beyond is even more fascinating.

For more years now, all kinds of mysterious radio signals beaming through space have put scientists’ expertise at work.

These are called Fast Radio Bursts (FRBs), and such strange bursts of energy do not have a known cause.

There are only a few proposed explanations for them. Now, a recent study that has been published in Nature describes the discovery of more than a dozen new instances of FRBs.

It’s still not known what’s creating them, so the situation is basically the same one as before.

FRBs are confounding for researchers, and we’re pretty sure that hearing such a blast of radio energy from a spot in the sky with no clear cause has to be beyond frustrating.

In this latest research, scientists who were led by Ryan Shannon of the Swinburne University of Technology in Australia used data from Australia’s ASKAP dish network in order to search for evidence of new FRBs.

As explains, the team has already uncovered 20 FRBs, with 19 of them being totally new.

Potential causes

Regarding the possible cause of these peculiar bursts from various points in space, scientists can only guess. Most FRBs are only one-time events, but when they are repeating just like it was the case with FRB 121102, this gives researchers lots of ammo for a hypothesis.

Some of the more viable theories claim that stars are collapsing or they are coming closer to a black hole.

As stars are torn apart, they may be able to create such massive blasts of energy and fling out into space.

These events may be happening billions of light years away, but they are still strong enough to be detected on our planet when the energy finally reaches us.


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