Moon Landing Shocking Revelation: ‘It Was A Sham’, Said Neil Armstrong


As you already know, Neil Armstrong has led NASA’s Apollo 11 Moon landing mission 50 years ago this month.

On July 20, together with the astronaut Edwin Buzz Aldrin, Armstrong became the very first man to walk on the Moon.

But back then, when Armstrong, Aldrin, and Command Module Pilot Michael Collins waved goodbye to the public for one last time before launch, it’s been revealed that not all was as it seemed, says

Now, when humanity celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 launch, there’s a mind-blowing 60 Minutes program on CBS from 2005 which reveals how Commander Armstrong had really felt on the day.

Neil Armstrong reveals a lie from the mission 

Armstrong spoke to Ed Bradley from 60 Minutes in this extremely rare interview and he admitted that his brave face that he had put for the public, for the whole planet, was in fact a lie.

The online publication mentioned above reveals that when he was asked about his massive apparent confidence that he showed during that day, Armstrong said: “Yeah, but it was a little bit of a sham, I admit.”

He continued and explained that “You know, the reality is a lot of the time you get up there, get up in the cockpit and something goes wrong somewhere and you go back down. So, actually, when you actually lift off it’s a surprise.”

Armstrong was forced to lie about the mission 

Not too long ago, we reported another shocking piece of news regarding the event and it was involving another lie.

Armstrong has lied to the NASA bosses ahead of the very first mission to the Moon. But it seems that he didn’t have much choice, according to the latest reports. revealed a new film that’s been released and sheds more light on this controversial subject.


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