Moon Formation Is Reportedly Responsible For Water On Earth


There’s a brand new theory regarding water reaching Earth.

We have a large amount of water here on Earth, and the large moon stabilizes the axis of our planet. Both of these elements are essential for life to be able to develop on the planet that’s our home.

Now it seems that according to the latest reports, scientists have discovered how water appeared on our planet and it seems that the formation of the moon has a lot to do with this.

Earth is pretty unique in our solar system, and it’s the only terrestrial plant that has a large amount of water on it and a large moon.

Science Daily just reported that the planetologists at the University of Münster, Germany have now been able to show that water came to Earth with the formation of the Moon, an event which took place about 4.4 billion years ago.

The moon was formed when our planet has been hit by a celestial body that was reportedly the size of Mars, and that was called Theia.

So far, experts used to believe that Theia originated in the inner solar system near Earth, but it seems that things are not quite like this.

Water reportedly came from the outer solar system

The experts have discovered that Theia came from the outer solar system and it is the one which delivered large quantities of water on Earth.

Previously, it has been shown that carbonaceous materials are the ones responsible for delivering water on Earth, but it was not known how this material came to Earth.

“We have used molybdenum isotopes to answer this question. The molybdenum isotopes allow us to clearly distinguish carbonaceous and non-carbonaceous material, and as such represent a ‘genetic fingerprint’ of material from the outer and inner solar system,” said Dr. Gerrit Budde of the Institute of Planetology in Münster and lead author of the study.


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