Mind-Blowing Sci-Fi-Like Study: Robots Made From DNA Come To Life, Eat, And Grow


The latest discovery involving the boundaries between humans and robots is mind-blowing, and it’s not too far-fetched to say this.

It seems that it’s just been discovered that machine-made biomaterial can metabolize and self-organize. The study was conducted in a lab, and the results are definitely worth checking out.

Technology is developing at high speeds these days and the point that we’re at today shows that the known limits between man and machine are beginning to blur.

The limit between robots and humans fades away 

Express.co.uk reports that researchers and scientists have been pushing the boundaries of creating life much further than ever before and it seems that machines’ abilities are changing.

Experts from Cornell University have built machines from DNA that own some abilities which are required to be owned by an entity in order for that specific entity to be considered alive.

Researchers have explained to the online publication mentioned above that such a life-like material can metabolize and self-organize.

They say that this material cannot only multiply in a similar way to DNA in a cell, but it can do much more than that. This can also self-replicate just like primary genetic material can.

According to researchers, this tech may also lead to “lifelike self-reproducing machines,” which can “evolve independently.”

The reasons for developing such a machine 

It’s important to say that the study’s lead scientists Dr. Shogo Hamada and Dr. Dan Luo also made sure to unveil the motivation behind building something like this in the first place.

They said: “The material normally would be static and we try to introduce life properties into this material.”

They continued and explained that “This would be the first demonstration of the material that uses artificial biology and locomotion ability.”

Experts also talked about how fascinating it is to implement life-like functionalities into a machine, and they said that this is one of their dreams – to create a robot that behaves life-like.

The most benefits will be seen in the future in the form of a self-replicating or self-evolving machine, experts hope.


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