Mercury Has A Metallic, Partially Molten Inner Core, NASA Study Showed


During the latest NASA mission that took place on Mercury, the scientists followed their usual procedure for exploring a planet’s interior. Planetary scientists first notice the planet spins. Then, they measure the way the probe they sent orbits it. In that study, the researchers concluded that Mercury has a metallic, partially molten inner core.

What you need to know is that Mercury is most closely related to the Earth’s Moon. That happens because the surface of this planet is ancient, and thus heavily cratered. However, unlike the Moon, it owns a metallic core, which scientists believe it’s partially molten. Now, a new study suggests that the inner core is entirely solid. Moreover, it might be almost the same size as our planet’s inner core.

Important Discoveries about Mercury’s Magnetic Field Were Also Made

Sean Solomon is the director of the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, based in Columbia. Moreover, he is the chief investigator on the NASA mission that aims to collect essential data. He says that now, Mercury represents the second rocky planet after Earth to have a solid inner core. But why does it matter? Well, this finding has a vital role: it helps our scientists gain a better understanding of the way the magnetic field of Mercury appears.

Furthermore, we can know more about how the solar system came into being, plus we know about how rocky planets evolve over time. Now, scientists can accurately predict how our own magnetic field will change as our core will cool.

To sum up, it’s a significant step forward in learning more about our complex universe, and at the same time, a glimpse into the future that awaits us. Perhaps this represents one more step towards preventing or anticipating any major (and potentially damaging) events. Scientists are going to introduce the data they obtain into sophisticated computer software that will compute it and yield more information and analyses.


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