Mars’ Passing Clouds Revealed By NASA Will Give You Goosebumps


NASA revealed some fantastic photographs of the clouds on Mars. These were taken by the Curiosity rover, and they’re genuinely mind-blowing. Just the idea that these are the clouds that you can see from the surface of another planet will give you goosebumps, just as Gizmodo puts it.

The rover is currently exploring the lower regions of Amount Sharp in Gale Crater. In this location, Curiosity is currently drilling.

In the period between May 7 and May 17, the rover took some pics of clouds that were passing, and it used its black-and-white Navigation Cameras also known as NavCams.

This event is so great because usually, Curiosity takes photos of the ground, and that’s why this is impressive.

Gizmodo cites data from a NASA official press release and describes the clouds as being “of the noctilucent variety—clouds that reflect sunlight even after dusk owing to their extreme height.”

The clouds are reportedly comprised of water-ice, and they’re floating about 31 km or 19 miles above the Martian surface.

Gizmodo says that the clouds are shockingly similar tot he ones we have here on Earth.

Curiosity is working together with InSight

Curiosity is currently working together with the NASA colleague the InSight lander which is parked about 373 miles away.

You may recall that back in late April, InSight took its own photos of clouds using its Instrument Context Camera (ICC).

Taking photos of “the same clouds from two vantage points can help scientists calculate their altitude,” explained NASA.

Speaking of Mars, the scientists are currently carefully preparing the journey of humans to the Red Planet.

They have been conducting several experiments to monitor the effects that a potential journey to Mars could have on the human body, to prevent the damaging consequences that such a mission might have on humans. This brings us as a species on step closer to conquering Martian ground.


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