Mars’ Newly Discovered Crater Looks Like Nothing Astronomers Have Seen Before [Photo]


It seems that Mars has a brand new crater, and it’s gorgeous.

The Red Planet, as all rocky worlds, has a lot of craters and these are basically scars of ancient impacts. They are giving the planet a lot of personality, and sometimes we can forget that craters can still form.

This is exactly what seems to have recently happened, reports BGR.

A new crater, spotted on Mars

There’s a new image from NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter that shows a brand new impact site that might only be a few months old.

This photo has been captured by the HiRISE camera that’s built into the orbiter, and it shows “a bold dark patch of material surrounding a circular crater on the Martian surface,” as the online publication puts it.

Researchers are assuming that this might have been created as recently as February 2019.

The University of Arizona has posted the picture, and it’s breathtaking indeed. Here’s how they captioned the image:

“An impressionist painting? No, it’s a new impact crater that has appeared on the surface of Mars, formed at most between September 2016 and February 2019. What makes this stand out is the darker material exposed beneath the reddish dust.”

More impressive Mars photos

Speaking of photos of majestic Mars scenery, we recently reported that Martian clouds had been photographed and analyzed.

NASA’s Mars InSight lander and Curiosity rover have been doing a lot of sky gazing and they sent back some pretty impressive images of clouds. Experts have also addressed the nature of these clouds and compared them to the ones that we have on our home planet.

Taking a look at the Mars clouds can offer scientists more details about how its atmosphere interacts with its climate and at the same time is also gives us clues about its warmer, wetter past.


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