Mars 3D Homes Approved By NASA For Building Before Humans Get There – See The Mind-Blowing Photos


We didn’t even set foot on the Red Planet, and NASA has already approved some 3D designs for habitats to be built there from materials that are available on Mars.

Just in case you didn’t know, back in 2015, NASA launched a design competition, and the space agency has asked architects and tech experts to design some habitats that would be suitable to live in on the red planet.

These houses reportedly had to be suitable for 3D printing because NASA wants Mars rovers fitted with large-scale printers in order to build these, just to make sure that the planet will be habitable before humans get there.

The winning project is called Marsha 

Unilad notes that this month, the winning design is titled Marsha and it has been created by the AI SpaceFactory – a planetary architectural and technology design agency’ based in New York City.

This habitat is made up of “cone-like buildings, 15 feet high and 8 feet in diameter. They are designed to be printed in just 30 hours and would offer a ‘tiny bubble of Earth on a distant world’,” according to the online publication.

Spiral staircases would be connecting four levels inside the pods and each of these would be dedicated to certain activities.

Also, on the ground, there will be a sealed hatch for entering and exiting the pod in space suits. There will also be labs in which scientists would be working.

The online magazine notes that “The other levels include a kitchen, a garden for growing plants, room for exercising and recreational activities, and four ‘sleepy pods’, consisting of private living quarters with a bed and a desk.”

There will be windows as well in order to allow the natural light in, but at the same time while keeping the crew safe from cosmic and solar radiation.

In order to build these sci-fi homes, AI SpaceFactory plans to use ‘an innovative mixture of basalt fiber extracted from Martian rock and renewable bioplastic (polylactic acid, or PLA) processed from plants grown on Mars’.

This innovative prototype won $500k.


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  1. All hand waiving: to grow the plants to make the PLA 3D printing plastic, you need an enclosure and untested equipment to process the material. There have contest proposals much more thoughtful than this entry.

  2. Wow! Amazing technology. Wouldn’t it be great if we could build an energy saving, durable (Mars weather proof), cost effective (minimal human labour), home like that in 30 hours for people here on earth that need it in storm ravaged areas or how about the homeless. Oh, wait a minute! It only works on Mars.

  3. No railings on the stairways? You could kill yourself by one faulty step….it’s a good thing that gravity is less on Mars, it would hurt less but still painful or fatal when falling from the top of the stairs. I really don’t think the structure is 8 feet in diameter, that’s 51 sq. ft. which is the same as a small bathroom. Unfortunately, I am a structural engineer, and one would think that the habitats should be wider than tall, since the structures have to resist extreme wind conditions on Mars, and overturning of the structure will be a major design parameter. One thing is for sure, this seems to have been designed by architects with lofty ideas, and given my experience working with architects, the design will change numerous times and still be complicated, expensive, and with lot of structural deficiencies…..looks like humanities’ shortcomings will not only be confined to planet Earth but weill spread throughout the solar system, including my cynicism. On a lighter note, Elon wants to nuke Mars anyway, so good luck with that. Cheers.

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