Man Claims He Has Discovered A Penguin On Mars In An Image Shared by NASA


Photos from Mars led to numerous conspiracy theories, from UFO lovers who claimed to have found alien spacecraft there, from those who spotted buildings on the Red Planet. Recently, another unusual discovery was made. Steve Martin looked through numerous Nasa pictures of Mars until he spotted something. There seems to be a figure sticking its head out from behind a large rock. While the image isn’t very clear, Martin claims that the black figure is in fact a Humbolt penguin.

“I’ve always thought there was life on Mars and now I think I might have proved it. I have spent hours looking at Nasa images but I never thought I would find a penguin. I don’t know how it got up there but I hope Nasa carefully study the picture and can work out how and why,” Martin said. Of course, it is impossible to explain how a penguin could have reached Planet Mars. More than that, its survival would have been impossible since there is no air or food up there.

Penguin spotted on Mars in images shared by NASA

“I’ve sent five or six other pictures to an image analyst who appeared on the TV show, NASA: The Unexplained Files. They have been taking a look. This is clearly an important discovery — quite a few astronauts and scientists think the universe is chock-full of life.” Steve added.

This new image could in fact fuel other conspiracy theorists who believe that NASA is in fact using pictures taken on Earth and claiming that they are from the Red Planet. More than that, when NASA was asked about this image, it refused to comment.

Nonetheless, according to Steve Martin, we are not in danger. “Unless ­Martian Pingu is readying a fleet of battleships — I think we’re safe,” he declared. His discovery comes right after the first image of a black hole was released by scientists.


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