Juno Spacecraft Reveals Extraordinary Anticyclonic Storm On Jupiter


The Juno Spacecraft has been orbiting Jupiter since back in July 2016. The probe is carrying a lot of scientific instruments and also a camera which allows NASA scientists to find out more details regarding Jupiter.

A lot of images that have been taken with Juno’s camera are available to the general public, and a few days ago, the community noticed that there was some pretty unusual activity on Jupiter.

Juno was orbiting over the planet’s surface, and it was about 4,400 miles above the cloud system that is present around the planet.

Just to make sure that something is indeed going on there, NASA did not alter the pictures at all. The community that noticed the activity was responsible for the processing of the photos.

Dragon’s eye storm 

After analyzing all available data, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory confirmed that the atmospheric activity is, in fact, dragon’s eye storm.

NASA made the announcement public via Twitter and experts added that they are practically looking at a region that’s called Jupiter’s North Temperate Belt.

Experts saw a large oval, and they defined it as some sort of atmospheric knot.

NASA says that the phenomenon is an anticyclonic storm which involves the fact that in the exterior region of this storm, winds are not following the same direction as the surrounding air mass. Instead, they blow the opposite way.

More than this, scientists added that this is not even the first time when they see such a storm on Jupiter. Some images that have been taken back in September have proven quite a similar storm that took place in Jupiter’s southern hemisphere.

NASA has decided to extend Juno’s mission, and they will leave it on orbit until 2021. It’s also important that the probe cannot have a shorter orbit and that’s why such an extension is required for completing the number of orbits that have been originally planned.


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