Jeff Bezos Is Planning To Create Human Space Colonies


Jeff Bezos is already one of the richest men on Earth. However, it appears that his plans extend even further. Bezos unveiled a mock-up of a Blue Moon lunar lander. The unveiling took place during the Going to Space to Benefit Earth event. According to Bezos, the mission of Blue Moon is to stay on the moon. Jeff Bezos is also planning to create human space colonies.

“We can have a trillion humans in the solar system, which means we would have 1,000 Mozarts and 1,000 Einsteins,” said Bezos at his presentation. “This would be an incredible civilization,” said Bezos when describing his space colonies.

According to Bezos, our planet is not big enough for all of us, and resources are finite. Humans are starting to overpopulate planet Earth, which means that we will run out of resources eventually. According to Bezos, our solar system could be the solution.

Jeff Bezos is planning human space colonies to tackle problems on Earth

“So, we get to choose: do we want stasis and rationing, or do we want dynamism and growth? This is an easy choice,” Bezos explained.
Bezos hopes to build free-floating habitats so that a trillion humans could live in the solar system. “This generation’s job, my generation’s job is to build the infrastructure so that you’ll be able to,” explained Bezos. “We’re going to build a road to space, and then amazing things will happen.”

Nonetheless, not everyone agrees with Bezos. The critics of this theory have shared many valid concerns. For instance, Bezos seems to ignore the issues of our planet. Human space colonies wouldn’t solve problems such as pollution and poverty. In fact, scientists have explained that humans could consume space resources the same way they did with those on our planet. People have also accused Bezos of focusing on space colonies while treating warehouse workers terribly.


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