Japanese Hayabusa-2 Spacecraft Tossed a Bomb at Asteroid Ryugu


This year a lot of incredible things had happened by now, a lot of discoveries have been made; we have even lived to see how a black hole looks like. But what do you say if you can see how an asteroid is being bombed? The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) Hayabusa-2 has been tossing some explosive this month to Asteroid Ryugu. The video has been released by JAXA and posted on Twitter.

JAXA had sent Hayabusa 2 spacecraft to the Asteroid Ryugu to release an explosive on its surface from 1,640 feet (500 meters) above. From the video posted by JAXA, we can see that from the spacecraft perspective. We don’t have images with the explosion of the bomb and how the surface is looking after that because the spacecraft is taking cover in time. Still, this video can show you the fantastic details about the surface of the asteroid.

Hayabusa-2 deployed a bomb on Asteroid Ryugu

The experiment was called the “Small Carry-on Impactor” (SCI), and the spacecraft has carried a plastic explosive with a 2.5 kg copper projectile. The purpose is to gather material from the asteroid and to be brought back to Earth for further analysis. The explosion will make a crater on the surface of the asteroid, and to see that, Hayabusa 2 will return on April 25 to see what had happened there. After their simulations, the crater must have approximately 2 m diameters, and they want to see where the fragments from the explosion have gone.

Because Ryugu has low gravity, some pieces have been ejected into space, and at the same time, other parts could have gone into asteroid’s orbit. Until then, the scientists are downloading images from a camera that accompanied the SCI payload. They want to see if they could find pictures of the crater and the ejecta evolution.


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