I Want To Believe: Latest Study Reveals Why Humans Have Not Found Alien Life Yet


The possibility of intelligent alien life in the cosmos is definitely a high one.

There are hundreds of billions of galaxies only in the visible universe, and each of them is harboring hundreds of billions of stars. Each star shelters planets and so on.

Even if the trillion of planets which are present in every galaxy is not habitable, there are still many water-rich moons which could support life. Despite all these numbers, humans still have to discover signals coming from alien life.

The Insider brings up a study in The Astronomical Journal which they have learned about from MIT Technology Review.

This suggests that humanity has barely looked at the skies and it does not have the right to become cynical yet, regarding the potential alien life forms out there.

Swimming in an ocean of space

The paper claims that all searcher for extraterrestrial intelligence or SETI has examined barely a space as big as swimming pool from a metaphorical ocean of space.

“We haven’t really looked much,” Shubham Kanodia, a graduate student in astronomy who co-wrote the study, said during a NASA “technosignatures” workshop in Houston, Texas on September 26.

The study suggests that somewhere in that ocean of space — right now, within the Milky Way galaxy— intelligent aliens might be saying, “hello, we are here.”

But we would have no way of knowing, at least not yet.

Over the past 60 years, various SETI projects have been looking and continue to look for alien signals both weak and powerful.

And still, aside from a few anomaly signals that never repeated (such as the “Wow!” detection of 1977), these searches have turned up empty-handed.

The famous SETI astronomer Jill Tarter said that it’s silly to conclude there’s no intelligent life nearby just because we have not found it.

She said that we had scanned too little of the sky and we’re probably not looking at the right type of signals. So, we’re basically not knowing what to look for or where to start.


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