Global Warming Makes The Earth Spin Faster, Causing Extreme Weather and Affecting The Ecosystems


As the planet continues to become warmer harsh consequences will surface in the future according to some researchers. It is already known that a large number of greenhouse gases present in the atmosphere are responsible for the increase in the global warming phenomenon.

As the polar caps begin to melt the level of the sea will continue to rise, endangering many places from all over the world. At the same time, the amount of ice which will disappear from both poles will lead to a redistribution of the global mass, a process which could cause the planet to move at a greater speed.

The phenomenon has been compared by one researcher with a professional ice skater. When the skater is spinning on the ice, he or she can stretch his arms to increase the speed or bring them closer to the body to move at an accelerated rate. Similarly, the weight of the Earth is shifting towards the equator, boosting the speed at which the planet rotates.

Global Warming Makes The Earth Spin Faster, Endangering Several Ecosystems

According to some researchers, the Coriolis Effect, which is directly influenced by the speed at which the planet rotates, could become more powerful as atmospheric and oceanic currents will be stronger. In the long run, extreme weather events like cyclones and hurricanes will appear more often, and they will also be stronger than they are today.

The consequences of global warming are already visible in the case of some ecosystem. Recent studies have shown that the Great Barrier Reef is rapidly losing the ability to resist coral bleaching. More than half of the reef died between 2016 and 2017 as the ocean temperatures rose high enough to force a mass bleaching episode.

As the reef degrades many species which live within the ecosystem will become endangered. Researchers believe that a full recovery is unlikely and further issues could appear in the issue. While many countries claim that they are working on an effective strategy against global warming, we must act faster if we aim to make a change before it is too late.


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