Flat Earthers Plan To Go To Antarctica To Find Proof That The Earth Is Flat


To find the frozen barrier and prove that the Earth is flat, the Flat Earthers decided to sail to Antarctica because they believe it marks the edge of our world.

Flat Earthers will go to Antarctica to prove that the Earth is flat

The thickness of the supposed ice wall is said to measure several hundred meters, and it surrounds the entire planet while as it towers 50 meters high. The Flat Earth International Conference (FEIC) organizes the trip which will take place next year, but the details regarding this are kept secret.

The expedition has received a lot of attention, even from Logan Paul, a YouTube star, who wants to join it because he can see whether these theories are correct or not. Robbie Davidson, the FEIC founder, told Forbes that Antarctica would go all the way around the Earth if you take a globe and you squish it down. “It’s kind of like an ice shore, and it’s very, very large. It’s not like you just go there, and you can just peek over it,” he said.

Ironically, the expedition will make use of navigation systems based on Earth’s sphericity

“We don’t believe anything can fall off the edge, because a big portion of the flat earth community believes that we’re in a dome, like a snow globe.,” he added. So the Moon, Sun, and stars are all inside. Even though it is not low at all, it is contained inside. With that being said, nothing can’t actually fall off the earth.

Some people think this thing is so dubious because the ship that will take the Flat Earthers to the Antarctic will use navigational equipment which counts on the sphericity of the Earth. A network of satellites is also used primarily by the Global Position Systems as they orbit the Earth to ping off of each other and pinpoint one’s location.


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