Fake Moon Landing Conspiracy Reignited As A Filmmaker Accuses NASA Of Faking The Apollo 11 Landing


Widespread conspiracy theory says that NASA did not land on the Moon with its Apollo 11 mission. Now, the fake Moon landing conspiracy reignited as a filmmaker, Jay Weidner, live on the radio, accused NASA of faking Apollo 11 landing with the help of the famous Hollywood movie producer Stanley Kubrick. However, this time not the Moon landing is questioned, but the film of the event is put under the focus.

For his part, Stanley Kubrick is not new into the equation of the fake Moon landing conspiracy. According to the conspiracy theory enthusiasts, Staley Kubrick directed the footage of the Moon landing in a studio.

“I think they just decided for publicity reasons that it was probably better to have somebody do it here on Earth. Then they could go about their business and not reveal their secret equipment to the Soviet Union during the middle of the Cold War. So it isn’t really all that big of a leap to say that they might have shown us something that wasn’t quite real, to protect national security,” said Jay Weidner.

Fake Moon Landing Conspiracy – A Filmmaker Accuses NASA Of Faking The Apollo 11 Landing With Help From Stanley Kubrick

“Stanley Kubrick was a photographer, he understood lighting, he understood emulsion, he understood all the techniques of a photographer. He came into filmmaking as a technician first and an actor’s director second, and that suited NASA perfectly because that’s what they needed. They needed someone who could solve problems, someone who could come in and to technically solve the problems,” Jay Weidner added.

Jay Weidner, however, is not questioning the Moon landing but the film of the Apollo 11 landing and astronauts’ walk on the Moon. He believes that when contrast and focus editing is applied to Apollo 11 snapshots, some strategically placed horizon lines behind the lander pop up. That reveals the footage of the Moon landing was fake.

“I’m not saying we did not go to the Moon. I believe we did go to the Moon. I believe there are reflectors on the Moon, they put seismograph machines on the Moon, but I don’t believe that what we saw was real,” Weidner said. He added that NASA faked the Moon landing footage to show it to everyone to win the space race against the USSR even if the Apollo 11 were to fail.


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