Elon Musk Disaster: SpaceX Could “Trap Humanity On Earth,” Says Space Expert


The latest SpaceX-related news is not that great. A space expert believes that Elon Musk and SpaceX could clog up the planet’s orbit and trap humanity on Earth.

Express.co.uk writes that there are about 170 million pieces of junk that are currently floating in Earth’s upper atmosphere, but only 22,000 are being tracked.

Space junk is circling our beloved planet and this includes objects such as defunct satellites, junk from various rockets and more metals and rocks that have build up close to the Earth.

The Klesser syndrome 

Experts have been warning us for quite a while that as space debris increases, it will become harder and harder for rockets to escape the Earth’s orbit out of fear of colliding with some floating object. This is known as Klesser syndrome.

The online publication notes that a space expert addresses Elon Musk and his SpaceX firm with the company planning to send 60 satellites into orbit. This is part of Starlink which is a project that will see the Internet beamed from space.

In other words, the project aims to make the Internet accessible to everyone. High-speed Internet is planned for everyone on the planned via this new project.

“These low orbit satellites are between 99 to 1,200 miles from Earth instead of the traditional 22,000 miles for geostationary satellites,” the online publication writes.

Space debris is detrimental to space travel 

They also mentioned that when he was asked about SpaceX’s launches, Dr. Stijn Lemmens told Scientific American the following scenario:

“The worst case is: You launch all your satellites, you go bankrupt, and they all stay there. Then you have thousands of new satellites without a plan of getting them out of there. And you would have a Kessler-type of syndrome.”

It should be highlighted that space debris is definitely detrimental to space travel and the Earth’s low orbit keeps getting more clogged, experts from NASA as well have been addressing the dangers.


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  1. Space junk is never shown accurately on news, scale does matter! and the image shows a very inaccurate representation of scale, if each piece of junk was the size of a small country then it would indeed be as bad as the image shows.

    Not sure many people including myself can truly visualize the vastness of space in orbit compared to the size of a satellite.

    But yes, eventually we will need a good way to clean it up.

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