Elon Musk Believes AI Could Turn Humans Into Endangered Species


Elon Musk told Axios on HBO that his AI company Neuralink, and he addressed the efforts to develop such tech which can create a symbiosis between humans and AI in order to try and eliminate the possibility of an existential threat to humanity.

Neuralink is Musk’s neuroscience company, which is trying to develop an interface for AI tech with the human brain.

He describes it as “electrode to neuron interface at a micro level,” or in layman’s terms “a chip and a bunch of tiny wires” that goes in your brain.

He also said that the long-term goal is to achieve symbiosis with AI and he hopes to be able to stop governments and corporations from monopolizing the tech.

Musk added that AI will definitely surpass human intelligence: “As the algorithms and the hardware improvements, that digital intelligence will exceed biological intelligence by a substantial margin.”

Musk used other primates as examples 

He suggested that if AI is handled badly, humans could become an endangered species one day. Musk continued and made an interesting comparison saying that “When a species of primate, homo sapiens, became much smarter than other primates, it pushed all the other ones into a very small habitat… So there are very few mountain gorillas and orangutans and chimpanzees — monkeys in general,” he said.

So, as you can see, he used other primates as an example, other primates that humans have driven to small corners of the Earth. One day it may be our turn to be driven away like that, according to him.

It’s very interesting to note that a 2017 Conservation International report highlighted that “more than half of the world’s primates are threatened with extinction, and experts warned of a “mass extinction event” caused by agriculture and industrialization,” according to Business Insider.

Musk made similar predictions involving humans and AI. Anyway, experts in the field have been calling Musk’s Neuralink unrealistic, and most of them have remained skeptical.


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