Earth Relocation Is Possible To Escape From Sun’s Expansion When It’s Dying


Astronomers are now suggesting that in order to escape from the Sun’s heat as will expand and eventually die, we might have to alter the Earth’s orbit. An engineer has disclosed some innovative solutions to realize this Earth relocation.

Human-induced climate change is an urgent concern, meaning a worldwide warming catastrophe seems more probable. However, the planet’s prognosis, in the long run, is even more terrible, because the Sun will eventually finish its fuel and broaden, most probably destroying our planet in five billion years. Transferring the Earth to another orbit, a more distant one, to escape from the Sun’s fury may appear to be an implausible solution, but an engineer has now described a few hypotheses for avoiding this doom.

Scientists know the Sun will someday transform from its actual state to a red star, a giant way larger than its current size. This expansion will ultimately approach Earth’s orbit, making it completely uninhabitable in approximately five billion years. Even so, in a severe case of future preparation, University of Glasgow space engineer Matteo Ceriotti has suggested some extreme solutions to help Earth move its orbit.

Dr. Ceriotti said that he designed an experiment that showed what humans could do with the current technology in order to change Earth’s orbit into another farther away, for instance, towards Mars’ orbit. Even so, it is safe to suppose that humans of that time will surely have incredibly advanced technology by then.

Earth relocation to escape from Sun’s expansion when it’s dying

To move the Earth towards Mars, humans will have to target the asteroids which come near Earth’s vicinity and use them to pull the orbit of our planet farther from its actual location. However, to do this, we will have to launch an incredibly large number of spaceships to be capable of reaching the asteroids and then deflecting them into an orbit that goes within Earth’s proximity.

Another idea involves the shooting of the space rock with an ion beam, and the laser will push the asteroid out of its orbit. However, the most straightforward idea is to hit the asteroid with a spacecraft. This technique is called a ‘kinetic impactor.’ Asteroids are not the only option we have, even though they would be implicated in putting into motion a solar sail, a huge reflective layer that captures the momentum of light from the Sun and utilizes that momentum to drive the planet forward.

Dr. Ceriotti said that his theories are mainly based on physics and the consideration of fundamental physics. This is not something that is going to change in the following billion years, and even though new technologies may be created, the physics is not going to see changes, Ceriotti added.


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