Dark Side Of The Moon Breakthrough: Lunar Secrets Unveiled For The First Time


The lunar secrets are slowly uncovered.

China’s Chang’e-4 mission takes a massive step for science and reveals the lunar secrets hidden in the far side of the cold celestial rock.

Express.co.uk reveals that the Chinese rover called Yutu-2, has been deployed in a massive crater, named Von Karman.

This is located on the Moon’s far side and the discoveries that have been made there have just confirmed ideas about its origin.

This mission’s discoveries will support the solving of some mysteries about the moon’s formation and evolution that have been a focus for experts for a really long time.

The discoveries are thrilling 

The online publication mentioned above reveals that Patrick Pinet, from the Research Institute in Astrophysics and Planetology (IRAP) called these discoveries “thrilling.”

Pinet said the following for the BBC: “They could have considerable implications for characterizing the composition of the Moon’s upper mantle.”

Pinet continued and explained that “It is of the utmost importance to make progress towards unpacking the geology of the lunar far side, expanding our fundamental knowledge of the Moon’s formation and the origin of the crustal asymmetry that exists between its near and far sides, and preparing future sample-return missions.”

China’s mission marks the very first time that an unmanned lunar lander managed to make contact with this so-called Dark Side of the Moon. This massive achievement has not been marked by the NASA space agency yet.

The Chinese probe landed in the shadow on an asteroid that stroke the Moon billions of years ago – it landed in the crater that has been left behind following the asteroid’s hit.

Revealing the lunar mantle 

The impact that the asteroid made was reportedly so great that it broke through the Moon’s crust and it revealed the lunar mantle layer.

Professor Li Chunlai reportedly wrote in the study that has been published on Nature: “Understanding the composition of the lunar mantel is critical for testing whether a magma ocean ever existed, as postulated. It also helps advance our understanding of the thermal and magmatic evolution of the moon.”


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