Crewed Missions To Mars Cannot Happen Without Us Going To The Moon First, Says Jeff Bezos


Recently, scientists have made it their goal to send humans to Mars. As discussions start to get more and more serious on the topic, everyone becomes excited at the prospect of sending crewed missions to the Red Planet. However, Jeff Bezos claims that there is no possible way for us to conduct crewed missions to Mars before first establishing a human presence on the lunar surface.

President Donald Trump, for his part, recently posted on his Twitter page, encouraging NASA to keep focusing on Mars, rather than planning other new moon missions, something that represents a sort of a change of mind from the Trump administration’s part. However, the Moon missions are still on, and we would return to our natural satellite by 2024 if everything goes as planned.

Besides, Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, promises that SpaceX will surely transport humans to Mars within the next five years. Before that, the aerospace company will first send an uncrewed rocket to the Martian surface.

Jeff Bezos believes that crewed missions to Mars are impossible if we don’t go to the Moon first

Still, Jeff Bezos, CEO of aerospace company Blue Origin, believes that the easiest and safest way to reach Mars is by going to the moon first. During an interview that took place at the JFK Space Summit in Boston a few days ago, Bezos said: “If you’re gonna need a lot of supplies and fuel and bulk materials to go to Mars, you’re much better lifting them off the moon than you are lifting them off the Earth. It’s an illusion that you can skip a step. Skipping steps slows you down it’s seductive but wrong.”

While some people interpreted Bezos statement as an attempt to badmouth Musk’s ambitious goal of sending crewed missions to Mars by 2024, it should still be considered that SpaceX also has plans for the moon. For example, Musk promises that SpaceX will make the first-ever tourist flight around the moon in 2023.

Even more, SpaceX’s CEO stated earlier this year that he plans on reaching the moon as soon as possible, also planning on building a human base on the lunar surface.


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