Chinese Lunar Rover Yutu-2 Captures Stunning Images On The Far Side Of The Moon


Yutu-2, a Chinese rover sent to the Moon to examine the mostly unexplored portion of it, recently took some amazing high-quality pictures of the far side of the Moon. Numerous people were excited for the publication of these photographs, as they give us a unique opportunity to view and observe the lunar terrain.

The rover began its mission in January, this year, along with its companion Chang’e-4. Since they landed in the South Pole-Aitken basin, the two of them have been collecting data and performing exploration tasks in the Von Karman crater. The landing location was specifically chosen as scientists believe it can offer crucial information about a suspected ancient impact that could have exposed the Moon’s mantle in this region. Studying this area could also possibly make scientists understand more about our solar system.

The impressive pictures were taken using Yutu-2’s panoramic camera, as it was making its way west of the landing site.

Chinese Lunar Rover Yutu-2 Captures Stunning Images On The Far Side Of The Moon

Observing the images, we can see Yutu-2’ shadow on the lunar surface, along with its tracks left in the dust. Another image features the appearance of Chang’e-4.

The rover’s location is not very beneficial for its productivity. For a 2-week period monthly, the rover is unable to function, as the region is in total darkness. This event is called a ”lunar night.” Also, Yutu-2 needs to go through short periods of hibernation in order to resist to lunar temperatures. Due to these factors, the mission has been making extremely slow progress.

By now, Yutu-2 and Cheng’e-4 have lasted 4 lunar days, exceeding their initially determined mission period of 3 lunar days. Currently, they are in hibernation until April 28, when they will begin another lunar day.

Since the beginning of the mission, the rover explored an area of approximately 180 meters, using its spectrometer to analyze any finding. According to researchers, the data will be processed by the end of the month. We can expect to have the results soon.


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