Canadian Astronaut David Saint-Jacques To Come Back Home From The ISS


David Saint-Jacques, a Canadian astronaut, will come back to Earth in less than a week as his mission on the ISS will end soon. The astronaut offered an extensive interview to a news outlet and mentioned that the return to gravity would be one of the most challenging parts of his career, and it will likely require a period of readjustment. Saint-Jacques is looking forward to holding his family again.

He also mentioned that the adjustment to space conditions was more comfortable than he thought at first and he managed to learn a variety of tricks, including backflips and the ability to stay upside down without being bothered by the position.

When the astronaut comes back to Earth, he will have to undergo a physical program which should allow him to readjust without any problems. However, there is still plenty of time to enjoy the last days of the experience before the return flight will take place.

Canadian astronaut David Saint-Jacques’ stay on the ISS was like a dream for him

The experience was compared with a dream, and Saint-Jacques said that it was incredible. The last days will be spent on soaking in the landscape and creating memories which will last forever.

Saint-Jacques space mission started on December 3 when two other astronauts, Anne McClain from NASA and Oleg Kononenko from Russia, reached the International Space Station with the help of a Soyuz capsule. It was the first crewed flight after a technical failure forced the abortion of a previous mission. After several security tests were passed the Russian space agency decided to clear the mission.

The end of the mission will mark a historic landmark as Saint-Jacques will become the Canadian astronaut who spent the most prolonged period aboard the International Space Station. In April he became the second Canadian who walked in space after David Williams performed the feat for the first time. The astronaut was also involved in a large number of experiments and offered advice to many Canadian students.


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