Canada Aims For The Moon and Deep Space With New Space Technologies


Canada’s space agency is now calling on private companies to come up with new ideas, approaches, and new space technologies ranging from everything from Moon-rover power systems to mineral prospecting solutions. All that because, now, Canada aims for the Moon and deep space.

The Canadian Space Agency wants to get more and more involved in the upcoming space exploration missions, targeting both human and robotic exploration of the Moon. The project’s leaders hope to attract private companies to emerge in the new space race and to come with new space technologies which could be presented in 2019 at the agency’s headquarters in Saint-Hubert, Quebec. If everything goes as expected, all those reliable projects would be tested in 2020 in the Canary Islands.

Canada’s space agency is already involved in various projects with ESA (the European Space Agency), JAXA (Japan), and NASA, the renowned US space agency. The latter, however, is already in talks with the Canadian Space Agency for the development of a Moon rover for the future missions of building the Lunar Gateway.

Canada target the Moon and deep space exploration with new space technologies

“The next focus for exploration is to move deeper into space, to go to the moon and to Mars. And so the next series of projects, over the next five to seven years, will be to get back to the Moon and then over the next 12 to 15 years, to move beyond that to Mars,” said Mike Greenley, President of MDA, one of the leading space technology company in the world.

This new announcement released by the Canadian Space Agency asked companies to help them with new space technology, including lunar rover power systems and wheels, communications systems, lunar drilling equipment, and moon-rover navigation systems, among others.

“These are investments that would be substantial in size, but over a 15-year period or more. Canadians are very proud of our participation in space historically. So the support’s there for investment,” said Greenley.


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