California-Based Startup Rocket Lab Plans To Launch Small Satellites Into Orbit From Virginia


A startup from California stated that it’s preparing to rocket small satellites into orbit from Virginia.

This mirrors an enhanced interest and demand from companies and governments as well to monitor ships, crops and also weather from space.

Rocket Lab said that it would build the launch pad at the Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport on the Eastern Shore.

It is located at NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility where crewless cargo missions are already being dispatched to the ISS.

The satellites will circle the Earth

The startup has recently built its very first launch pad in New Zealand, and it’s now setting up in Virginia.

The devices will be as small as a loaf of bread, and they will circle the Earth for a few years before they burn up in the atmosphere.

SpaceWorks, an Atlanta-based consulting company predicted back in January that up to 2,6000 satellites would have to be launched into orbit over the next five years.

The industry is attracting venture capitalists. Rocket Lab has already sent two rockets by now, and they called those missions “It’s a test” and “Still testing.” The second rocket managed to successfully reach orbit in January.

Rocket Lab’s next commercial mission, known as “It’s Business Time,” is scheduled to lift off from New Zealand in November. Launches from Virginia are set to begin as early as summer 2019.

NASA has a contract with Rocket Lab

“We’re not focused on the next flight, we’re focused on the next 100 flights,” Rocket Lab CEO Peter Beck, a New Zealander, said at a news conference in Virginia.

It seems that NASA also has a contract with Rocket Labs to deliver such small satellites.

At the moment, there are four companies that have built six vehicles that are dedicated to launching small satellites, and there are dozens more under development at the moment.


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