Burning Meteor Lit Up Florida’s Night Sky During The Weekend


Florida residents were in for a treat (or a mild shock) this weekend. A powerful light could be spotted as it traveled across the night sky. The phenomenon occurred on Saturday when a burning meteor emitted a high-power green light that could be seen with the naked eye. The event was detected by the GOES Lightning Mapper, according to the National Weather Service. It is likely that the inhabitants of Gainesville were surprised by the intense light which appeared before midnight.

The residents of Tallahassee admired the show, with some stating that the light was so intense that you could have easily thought that it daylight. Others compared it with the powerful floodlights which are often used on stadiums. Some reports suggest that the meteorite landed near Perry, but no official statement has been offered.

Data from the National Weather Service suggests that the meteor should have landed it Florida. It is also possible that the rock was destroyed during the fiery spectacle.

Videos with the burning meteor over Florida went viral on social media

When a meteor enters our atmosphere, it will start to burn due to the powerful friction which is encountered as it descends. This friction force is so strong that it is often able to burn the meteor completely, with the result being called a shooting star since it will often disappear in mid-flight.

In some cases, the meteor will be strong enough to survive the intense temperature and crash into an area. Many meteors and meteor samples were recovered from such landing sites, allowing researchers to learn valuable information by analyzing them.

These meteors are often too small to deal any real damage, even if some fall in urban areas. In some countries, the locals will crack the meteor into several shards, which are distributed among the community members. It is believed that the shard may attract good fortune in the long run. Several videos of the event can be found on popular social media platforms.


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