“Black hole” Created In The Lab Confirmed Stephen Hawking’s Radiation Theory


Scientists created a black hole analog that traps sound discovering the evidence of Hawking Radiation. Albert Einstein’s general theory of relativity predicted black holes, describing them as objects with such a strong, powerful gravitational force that even light cannot escape. However, Hawking theorized that black holes could emit a small stream of thermal radiation.

Recently, the Israeli researchers at the Institute of Technology Technion have created their own black hole. As they do not have yet instruments that can monitor the radiation around the black hole, the scientists used a quantum material called Bose-Einstein condensate of ultra-cold rubidium atoms.

Similar to a black hole, the material created has a “point of no return” except that instead of consuming light, the matter affects the sound. The speed of sound is faster on the denser side, so the sound waves move in all directions from the transition point. Once they cross over into a less dense side where the sounds speed is slower, then they move only in one direction into the “black hole.”

“Black hole” Created In The Lab Confirmed Stephen Hawking’s Radiation Theory

Another observation in line with Hawkins’ theory is the 0.35 billionths of Kelvin temperature of the sounds waves that fell into the black hole.
If further studies prove that the Hawking radiation will eventually occur in the real world, this will lead to another issue known as the black hole information paradox. This paradox is a puzzle resulting from the combination of general relativity with quantum mechanics.

The calculations suggest that physical information could permanently disappear into the black hole which is in violation with the principle that the value of a wave function of a physical system at one point in time should determine its value at any other time.

As per the study author and physicist Jeff Steinhauer of the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology: “The solution to the information paradox is in the physics of a real black hole, not in the physics of an analog black hole.”


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  1. Question is, can they control this black hole alternate? Can it be eliminated once the tests are done? I wouldn’t like to find out that the black holes in the Universe we’re in the past actually planets where a civilisation learned how to create a black hole.

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