Israel Fails to Make History – Beresheet Lunar Lander Crashed On The Moon


Israel had sent a spacecraft to land on the moon on April 11, but the supposed historical moment had failed. Spacecraft Beresheet had the mission to land softly on the surface of the moon, but it had encountered some problems. SpaceIL and Israel Aerospace Industries produced the spacecraft, and the goal was to have the first privately funded spacecraft to land successfully on the moon.

Beresheet Crashed On The Moon, So Israel Did Not Become The Fourth Nation To Land There

However, Opher Doron, the general manager of IAI, said that even if the mission failed, it was a great accomplishment until now. Of course, Israel has to continue the work for the complete moon-landing mission and to be in the top among United States, China, or the Soviet Union.

April 11 was the date planned to make history, and the plan was to land the spacecraft near the area called the Sea of Serenity. That area is a place from the Moon which was chosen mainly for its flat surface and minimal craters. The mission went according to the plan, and it entered the lunar orbit.

The robot even sent a photo with the surface of the moon. Unfortunately, Beresheet crashed in the dirt around 3:25 P.M, Eastern Standard Time. When the spacecraft was around 489 feet above the lunar surface, the communication controls went crazy. That was a sad ending for the spaceship and the 2,500 spectators that had watched from outside the command center. Also, this mission had cost around $100 million.

Despite the Failure, Beresheet Was a Success, Israeli Officials Believe

The Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, said after watching the failure landing from SpaceIL’s command center, that if you don’t succeed the first time, you try again. Moreover, Morris Kahn, an Israel entrepreneur that sponsored Beresheet, said that they are still proud of the effort and the fact that they tried.


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