Asteroid Shock: NASA’s Latest Reports Reveal New Data On A Huge Space Rock That Will Pass Us This Saturday


After recent reports regarding an asteroid-tsunami warning revealed by Neil DeGrasse, new asteroid-related news surfaces. reveals that NASA’s recent warning claims that an asteroid which is twice as big as one of the biggest buildings in Europe. This will reportedly happen later this week.

According to the reports revealed by the online publication mentioned above, the asteroid is called 2006 QQ23.

An asteroid with a 570m in diameter

According to the reports, the space rock is 570m in diameter, and it will fly within 4.6 million miles of Earth at breakneck speeds of 10,400mph.

It’s been also reported that the asteroid is about twice the size of Europe’s sixth tallest building as The Shard is just 306m in height.

NASA stated the following: “If a rocky meteoroid larger than 25 meters but smaller than one kilometer were to hit Earth, it would likely cause local damage to the impact area.”

But, the main thing worth noting here is the fact that the asteroid will not hit our planet, but it will only pass by it.

All these asteroid-related pieces of news have people terrified and wondering what would happen if an asteroid were to hit Earth for real.

We cannot stress this enough: the probability of such a thing to happen is minimum. As we already reported, back in 2008, NASA reaffirmed the chance of Apophis impacting Earth in 2036 as being 1 in 45,000.

Since then, the risks have been recalculated and the possibility of such a disaster became even lower.

2006 QQ23 asteroid passes Earth this Saturday

Back to NASA’s reported regarding the asteroid that will pass our planet later this week, it seems that 2006 QQ23 will reach close by Earth on Saturday.
According to reports from NASA cited by, the space rock is close enough to reach a classification of “potentially hazardous”.
NASA is currently working on finding solutions to protect our planet just in case there will be an imminent impact in the future.


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  1. Should the world bring into play 5 largest Nuclear armed countries and set up some sort of space nuclear rocket bomb attack and see if such an explosion can either blow up a very dangerous asteroid, or at least deflect it. Practice makes perfect. We need to set up some sort of protection device

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