Asteroid Mining Corporation (AMC), A Scottish Firm, Plans On Launching The UK’s First Asteroid Mining Operation


Asteroid Mining Corporation (AMC) is a Scottish startup company that announced it’s up and ready to launch the UK’s first asteroid mining operation. While in July AMC revealed its plans to build the Asteroid Prospecting Satellite One (APS-1), now the asteroid mining company tries raising approximately $3 million through crowdfunding to develop the spacecraft.

The mission APS-1 would be to take material readings of the near-Earth asteroids to estimate more precisely the potential efficacy of future asteroid mining missions.

Asteroids contain oxygen, water, and other materials, as well as gold, platinum, iron, nickel, or silver. Mining these space rocks would be hugely profitable for the companies adventuring on this journey, in particular, and humanity, in general. On the other hand, these celestial bodies also contain rare Earth elements, so exploiting them would also benefit the scientific community.

While many other companies around the world are developing the needed technology to mine asteroids, the Asteroid Mining Corporation (AMC) aims to be the first one in the UK to launch such a mission.

This Scottish firm would be the first in the UK to start an asteroid mining operation

The recently emerged asteroid mining market is estimated to several trillions of US Dollars. The Scottish startup Asteroid Mining Corporation (AMC) want’s a share of this hugely profitable market and, accordingly, plans on launching the first UK-operated mission to research and mine these space rocks.

However, besides running asteroid mining operations, Asteroid Mining Corporation (AMC), a startup based out of Scotland, also wants to bring the world to the Third Industrial Revolution and move the industries from Earth on near-Earth space objects.

“Moving as many polluting industries into Space and out of Earth’s fragile biosphere as possible so that the Earth can become the garden of the Solar System,” is what the company wants besides asteroid mining, according to them.


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